Thursday, August 4, 2011

Music in August

I often think we lack information on music events at, despite my review of Prince last week.  You might have heard Morning Ireland mention today that the RTÉ Concert Orchestra is doing the music to Casablanca live tomorrow night along with a screening of the film in the National Concert Hall.  Tickets are €25 - €40 and on sale here. There's a second performance of it on Saturday night as well.  This sort of production is on the increase and indeed they plan a whole series of these events, though the only other one I can find on their website is a screening of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring in the Grand Canal Theatre in November, which will also feature Cór na nÓg.  That sounds cool enough that I might even consider watching LoTR again.

Later on this month on 26th August, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra will perform the works of John Williams in the NCH.  Now I heard this (or a similar one) concert before in The Helix and it was completely awesome.  Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, ET, Schindler's List, Jaws, the list goes on.  I found myself saying repeatedly "he did this too?!" So good I want to go to it again right now.  My only complaint at the time was that they only did Star Wars once.

For those who like their music without singing, the NCH has an evening called Tango Extremo meets Piazzolla on Sunday, 21st August.  This features the fantastic music of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla.  The pictures show people tangoing but it's not clear there's actual dancing as part of the performance.  Tickets are a tiny €15 so I suspect not.

At the top of the, ahem, scale, the Philadelphia Orchestra is in town on 29th August to perform works by Sibelius, Ravel, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovksy.  Tickets are pricey for this one (€40 - €85) but I always like to remember that you can hear the music from everywhere in the main auditorium.


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