Friday, August 19, 2011

As it's Friday...

Those of you on Twitter will be familiar with the #ff hashtag, meaning 'follow Friday' or 'friends follow'. It's horribly overused of course but the idea is sound - tell people about Twitter accounts worth following.

So as it's Friday, I thought I'd do something similar here and mention five organisations/websites I like: - a bit like in some ways, but about culture and entertainment in the rest of Ireland as well as Dublin. Lots of competitions.

Dublin Event Guide for Free Events - the website for a weekly newsletter about free events on in Dublin.

Third Floor Espresso / 3FE - the best coffee shop in Dublin, bar none.

Project Arts Centre - along with the better-known Abbey Theatre, one of my favourite theatres. Very affordable. - the official website for Temple Bar, run by Temple Bar Cultural Trust. Temple Bar has been and continues to be a success, and makes a huge contribution to culture in Ireland.


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