Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anti-Gravity Yoga

I think I mentioned before that I am a regular yoga practitioner and I like to try out different types of yoga.  I tried hot yoga a few months back and hated it so much I felt it wasn't fair to review it for Dublinculture!

Tonight I tried anti-gravity yoga for the first time.  Do people still watch the Grammy Awards? If so, you may remember Pink performing a song above the stage while contorting herself into different positions, with some backing, er, contortors.  That's anti-gravity yoga.  You are doing the poses in a hammock-like swing, which holds your body weight and allows you to get deeper into the postures.  It completely supports you (and can hold a massive 1000kgs so there's no risk of it collapsing).  You're also only about half a metre above the ground at all times, which has a yoga mat underneath.

The class I took is run by Suzanne Kenny at her new studio in Swords.  In the interest of openess, Suzanne has been my regular yoga instructor for a long time but she has just branched out into this type of yoga.  The class was 1.5hours long and I loved every minute of it.  While there is a studio in Drogheda teaching a-g yoga, this is the first place in Dublin to do it.
Chandelier Pose
That's a photo of Suzanne demonstrating one of the more difficult poses we did tonight.  There's a lot of being upside down, which I loved, but some people may find it takes a little getting used to.  You don't need to have done yoga before to try this out but it would probably help if you did.  I'm quite tired after it too, which for me is a new experience after exercise!  It was a super workout.  Suzanne teaches the class with another instructor, Fiona Kearns, so that everyone has help to get into the poses correctly.  They were both trained by Christopher Harrison, the man who developed this type of yoga, earlier this year.  This training was so tough that only a few people in the class passed the course!  Yoga always has a few minutes of relaxation at the end and it's done in the hammocks.  You just lie there, totally relaxed, gently swaying in the hammock.

Courses of 5 weeks at a time are available for booking from next week by phone or email (details here).


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