Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Tape

Sometimes the best theatre is simple. A good play doesn't need a lavish and expensive set, a large cast, or contrived attempts at contemporary social relevance. It just needs good acting, good characters and a good plot. LHC Theatre's new production of Tape has all three. This is an excellent piece of theatre, combining a very strong, fast-paced script with an equally high quality of acting.

Despite the simplicity of the production Tape has an almost cinematic feel. The acting and script are both unusually naturalistic: the characters are plausible modern people. Whereas many plays take considerable time to build up pace and introduce the main characters, here we're right into the thick of the action almost immediately.

Set in America, the story is about three very different people who were friends in high school but now, a decade later, rarely meet. All three actors (Lauterio Zamparelli, Hilary Rose and Chris Aylmer) look and sound the part, maintaining their accents well throughout.

Tape is on in Thomas Reads pub on the corner of Parliament Street and Dame Street. It's on at 6:30 pm each evening until Sunday 12th June. The duration is one hour with no interval. One of the nice features of using the basement of a pub as a theatre venue is that customers can enjoy a drink during the show. It's also nice to be able to get so close in on the action. Tickets cost €10 and include a free drink. Highly recommended.


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