Monday, June 13, 2011

Review: Measure for Measure

Having recently enjoyed Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Dublin Shakespeare Festival, I wanted more, so I went to see newly-formed theatre company Whiskey Tango Foxtrot's opening night of Measure for Measure. The venue was the Back Loft in La Catedral Studios on St Augustine Street.

I've never seen Measure for Measure before - it's one of Shakespeare's less well known plays, but quite undeservedly so. Compared to many of his more famous plays the characters seem less epic and more genuinely human, neither purely good nor evil but simply caught up with their own concerns. At times the play is almost like a modern courtroom drama. It's tense, compelling, morally complex. In that context the use of modern-day clothing in this production works well and doesn't seem jarring with the style of the dialogue.

The production suffers slightly from the clunking and creaking noises created as the actors walk across the wooden floorboards - the actresses' footwear might have been a contributing factor. This isn't a major problem but I'd suggest grabbing one of the comfy seats near the front.

Measure for Measure is a great play, and this is a solid (if unexceptional) production.

Tickets are good value at just €10. The play starts at 8 pm sharp and runs for about 90 minutes plus a 15 minute interval. The play continues until 18th June.


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