Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New entertainment website -

This blog,, is unashamedly focused on Dublin and only on Dublin. If you're looking for a wider view of what's going on in Ireland you might want to have a look at a new site called

Based on the quality of the people involved I expect it'll be good. Here's how they describe
It’s a place for us to tell you about events, festivals, theatre and more.

We run competitions, share reviews and previews and have fun with what we do.

We post information that we’ve found or from event organisers, marketing and press departments, PR companies, charities and venues to help spread the word.

We’ll be up front when we’re sharing press releases or asked / invited to write about an event. We’ll also share where we found our information online.

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  1. Cheers Dave, really appreciate the support.

    You remain an inspiration, don't know where you get the energy! See you out and about soon!