Monday, June 6, 2011


Last Wednesday I went along to Shebeen Chic on George's Street for the fourth event of Dublintellectual. The aim of Dublintellectual is "to champion academic discussion in the public sphere through events that take place in informal settings with established and up and coming scholars". The three speakers talked about gothic architecture in Ireland; technology and culture; and the Irish film industry. I enjoyed listening to the speakers but I also think a large part of the event's appeal is the level of knowledge and engagement by members of the audience.

As for Shebeen Chic, it's a nice, lively venue but it does have its flaws. There was quite a bit of background noise and despite the stylishly casual shabbiness of the furnishings, drinks in Shebeen Chic are actually quite expensive.

The next event is on Wednesday 22nd June 2011. So far I'm aware of only one of the speakers but he's someone I'd be very interested to hear, Stuart McLaughlin of


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