Sunday, May 29, 2011

Viking Splash Tours

I went on the Viking Splash Tour yesterday for the first time yesterday.  It was so cool!  I really enjoyed it.  It involved shouting at celts outside the bus/boat.  We had a particularly good tour guide: entertaining and easy on the eye!  The tours start at St. Stephen's Green (Shelbourne side) and take just over an hour.  There's Viking helmets for you all to wear on the journey.  I do have photos but to protect the anonimity of my party, I shall not show them*. They also include a turn around Grand Canal dock since the vehicle is amphibious.

The theatre looks even more impressive from the water. I still think the red poles are silly though.  Tickets can be booked online.  €20 for adults, €18 for students and €10 for kids.  That Dublin passport thing I was talking about gives a 25% discount if you mention it when you book.  Really good fun, althought a little nippy, so remember a jumper!

*We may look a bit ridiculous.


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