Friday, May 27, 2011

Pivoting towards World Design Capital 2014

Amidst all our current economic woes, there is still optimism afoot. Our fair city is bidding to be the World Design Capital 2014, following in the footsteps of such design heavyweights as Turin (2008), Seoul (2010) and Helsinki (2012). 55 cities in total are contesting the title.

A swanky website for Dublin's effort has been put up. The project envisions the city as a pivot point in the world, a place where global forces of change come to meet and reflect. This change is embraced as inspiration and as a creative strength. The themes proposed by the project are: Connecting Cities, Making Cities Lighter, Making Cities Flow and Making Cities Smile.

Here's to all the best success. Such a nomination could be very beneficial to our city.

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  1. The news that Dublin is one of the three cities short-listed for designation as World Design Capital 2014 is welcomed by the representative bodies of the Irish Creative Sector. Although certain of the strength of the Pivot Dublin bid there has been a period of nail-biting tension for members of the Irish Creative Community as the days ‘clicked’ closer to the announcement. Now it is official – Dublin joins Cape Town and Bilbao on the shortlist. One of these cities will be designated World Design Capital 2014 in October.

    To be included on the shortlist is a milestone for Dublin City – and there is now a window of opportunity for Dublin to show the ‘WDC decision-makers’ that Dublin is the one! The selection committee will visit the three listed cities in the next few weeks – prior to reaching a final decision on which city will be designated World Design Capital 2014. It is all to play for.