Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mindfield - my thoughts

At the weekend I went along to see the final day of a new festival, Mindfield. I regret having not gone earlier - the events were varied and had many high-quality speakers/organisations involved, and the weather was perfect.

For all that I was impressed, though, there were clearly some problems. The bar didn't have any alcohol for most of the festival. Some events started late. There weren't quite enough outdoor seats. Most crucially of all though, the events just weren't full enough. Outside in the sun the festival was lively, but inside the tents there were lots of empty seats. Now I'll freely admit: I was only there on the final day. However one of the vendors at the festival felt that the earlier days had been no better (or even worse). And perhaps I'm just missing the obvious, but why would you hold a three day festival on a long weekend running from Saturday to Monday but run the festival from Friday to Sunday? Why not use another weekend, when people are less likely to be away, or else use the long weekend to your advantage?

I hope the organisers aren't put off by the lowish numbers. Culture Night, organised by Temple Bar Cultural Trust, took a few years to really get into its stride and establish itself as a major and well-known event. If Mindfield can maintain the quality of its events and get itself into the public awareness it should prove to be a success.

A few photos from the final day of Mindfield, Sunday 1st May.


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