Monday, May 23, 2011

'Blood Knot' in Project Arts Centre

The latest performance project on is Blood Knot. Blood Knot tells the story of two half-brothers living in South Africa during the apartheid era; one brother is clearly dark-skinned while the other has much lighter skin and can pass as white. The play was written decades ago but the theatre company, Shiva Productions, is new.

An unusual feature of the funding of this project is that unlike most Fundit projects this one is definitely going ahead - the play runs from 1st to 11th June 2011. The rewards are tickets for the show, so effectively they're offering a discount for buying ahead. In one sense this is the most fundamental reward any theatre can offer, but it seems somewhat different to the idea of funding a project in advance. Perhaps this is why the project hasn't received much funding yet: it doesn't really need it to proceed.


  1. seen it... its shit.

  2. @Anonymous

    Oh dear. Where did you see it, and what was bad about it?

  3. You can't have seen it - it only opened on the 6th, and you commented on the 3rd!!

    I really enjoyed it!

  4. @Anonymous

    They couldn't have seen the current run in Project Arts Centre - but the play has been around for 40 years so it might have been a different production being referred to.