Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Smoke Writing Factory - Literary Cafe

On Saturday Big Smoke Writing Factory ran another of their Literary Cafe events in the Ormond Wine Bar on Ormond Quay. It's a nice bar and a good choice of venue, with wine from just €4 a glass.

The speakers read from their own works, a mix of fiction and poetry. The pieces were high quality and enjoyably varied - I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of the excerpts being read on the day lead to publications.

My personal favourites were Orla Martin's poem Europa and Brian Ward's fiction. Europa reminded me of the songs of a wonderful band called They Might Be Giants.
Orla Martin reads Europa

Brian Ward

The first musical interlude was provided by Brendan Carvill, with the second performance being given by Ciara Sidine (who by the way is about to launch her new album in the Sugar Club on Friday 13th).
Brendan Carvill

Ciara Sidine (right) preparing to perform

For a free event, the Literary Cafe was very good. The next one is expected to be in Autumn.


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