Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: Flipside

Flipside is the new play by Shane Burke and recently-established theatre company Run Amok Theatre.

Flipside is a romantic tragicomedy telling two related stories side by side. Two couples go on holidays by swapping houses for a week; one in Sicily, one in Dublin. The scenes alternate back and forth between the two settings, using the same stage-setup for each flip - a quick, simple approach that works surprisingly well and suits the pace of the play.

Joe Jennings as Evan and Erika McGann as Sinead

This isn't innovative, ground-breaking theatre. It's something far better: an incredibly well-written and enjoyable play. Sometimes new theatre companies try too hard, showing potential but (almost literally) losing the plot. Shane Burke has instead simply kept his focus on the key elements that make for a great play - interesting, credible characters; the right pace; and a coherent plot. Oh, and a very clever physics joke.

Flipside is lots of fun, and I'd happily recommend it both to theatre-fans and those who go to the theatre less often. If you miss it, don't worry too much though - it wouldn't surprise me if this gets another run.

Flipside is on in the Pearse Centre on Pearse Street. Tickets cost €15/€12, or €10 for groups of eight or more. The play is sold out for tonight (Friday) but as of yesterday evening there were still tickets available for Saturday 9th April, the final night of the show.


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