Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photos from Messiah On The Street

Yesterday was Handel's Day and the highlight of Temple Bar's celebrations was Messiah On The Street, an open-air performance of Handel's Messiah on Fishamble Street. This year it was performed by Our Lady's Choral Society with conductor Proinnsias O'Duinn and soloist Ross Scanlon.

Numbers were down on last year due to fears about the weather, but ultimately it was a dry if somewhat windy day. Proinnsias O'Duinn did a magnificent job, not only conducting but really engaging with the crowd. Last year the one disappointing aspect of the performance was the passive response of the crowd, but O'Duinn took care of that this time by encouraging everyone to join in with the Choral Society in throwing their hands up to Heaven for the Hallelujahs in the final piece of the performance.

Later in the day there was a further performance by Our Lady's Choral Society, Alexander's Feast in the Button Factory.

Conductor Proinnsias O'Duinn

Members of Our Lady's Choral Society

Hallelujah! The performers and audience throw their hands into the air.

(You can click on these photos to see more detail.)

Thanks to the Comtemporary Music Centre for access to their building on Fishamble Street to get those high-angle photos.


  1. Looked good - your photos give a flavour of what it was like. Will definitely be there next year!