Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Offline' - new exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

Offline, the latest exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, launches tomorrow (Thursday 7th April) from 6-8pm:

Offline is an exhibition bringing together five artists whose work reflects the documentation and consumption of reality and how it is intrinsically linked with and conducted via online platforms. Much of the 'Net Art' produced in the early years of the Internet was made to be viewed on a computer screen, but more recently, the physicality of how we receive these messages has become less important than the psychology of how we understand and experience them. The five artists in this show use the Internet in their everyday lives and, by extension, in their art. Their work uses the Internet as its primary medium and appropriates its language and aesthetics. This mode of art making can be seen as a development from the last decade’s move in focus from art producer to consumer, and the transmission to a hybrid producer/consumer model.


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