Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love:Live Music @ The Sugar Club

So I went along to the flagship event of National Music Day on Friday night.  It was a great night of live music, broadcast live on Lyric FM and presented by Carl Corcoran.  First up was the Dublin Guitar Quartet who played some Philip Glass.  The Listeners followed up with some really excellent trad music, which really got the crowd going.  Next was an unbilled act, whose name I did not catch, playing his own music with a guitar.  After a short break, Belfast pianist Michael McHale played 2 movements of a Beethoven sonata, some Rachmaninov and something else I've forgotten.  Mick Flannery finished up the evening with some piano and some guitar songs to a very appreciative crowd.  The only sore point for me was the lack of seats - obviously there were seats, but I didn't have one and my feet were talking to me after 2 plus hours standing!  It was really lovely to listen to live music without being deafened by amplifiers, I could still hear what my companions said and my ears weren't ringing when I left.  Well done to Music Network for such a successful event - I hope this continues next year.


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