Friday, April 29, 2011

City of 1000 Welcomes

So there's been quite a buzz about the City of 1000 welcomes idea and they've obviously been inundated with volunteer ambassadors. I got a response today saying I'd been accepted and asking me to fill out a Garda vetting form, which I've no problem doing.  What is a problem for me is presenting said form in person on a Mon - Friday between 2pm and 6pm at their St Stephen's Green address before the end of June.  Even with a long time frame, I still don't work in the city centre and am hardly going to take a precious half day for this purpose.  I'm sure there's a good reason for this on their part, but I think it's a bit a of fail.

In other news, they're also setting up a museum.  The Little Museum of Dublin will be a non-profit museum filled with 20th century Dublin artefacts (the former archaeology student in me wonders if the 20th century is long ago enough to earn the term artefact!) donated by members of the public.  They are looking volunteers to help build the displays inside the museum as well as volunteer staff.  Seems like a very worthy use of time to me, if I had any of the skills they're looking for.  More details on their website, as linked above.

Happy May bank holiday!


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