Monday, March 7, 2011

Terminal 2 @ Dublin Airport

So I was in Berlin for the last few days and I can safely inform you that there is no Dublin Culture in Germany, though I did spot an Irish pub. However, making air travel mildly more exciting for the first time in years, was my first visit to Terminal 2. It was still dark upon my arrival (and watch out drivers: the layout has all changed).
The inevitable abstract airport sculpture!

It's really really shiny.  Everything is clean and bright.  It's full of chrome.  Signage could be better in the check-in area - it wasn't at all obvious where I should bring my bag, since I'd done a webcheck-in.  There's 3 floors, the check-in floor, the arrivals and then departures.  I'm a little sad to see WH Smith instead of Easons, though later I heard both are actually there.

Food options outside were thin on the ground at 6am.  They have Diep Le Shaker (not that I'd ever want spicy noodles for breakfast), a bar (open), O'Briens and something else that wasn't open.

I headed "airside".  You're greeted by a blank wall (fail) and then you hit duty free, which is filled with the obvious (perfume, alcohol, cosmetics, handbags) and the less obvious (Laduree macaroon, anyone?)  Dylan Bradshaw, apparently a celebrity hairdresser, will have one of his minions blow dry your hair while people watch.  Food in here was typically over-priced.  A plain croissant, porridge and tea came to €8.50, though I readily admit that it was enough porridge to feed a small army. 

Did I mention there's a chocolate lounge?  Sadly it's not made of chocolate, you can just eat and drink it there.  Very swiss looking but out of place in an airport, as is the champagne bar.

All in all, I like it.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  And there's plenty of tubey-tunnels to the planes, so you're safe taking your coat off once inside.


  1. Ooh! Chocolate Lounge, you say? This is what Galway Airport is missing.

  2. Diep, a chocolate lounge and a champagne bar... it's pretty clear the country was in a different era when Terminal 2 was designed!


  3. Out or place or not, I would still be staying and eating the whole time there in the Chocolate Lounge to cure my airport boredom.