Monday, March 21, 2011

Science Gallery - 'Memory Lab'

The latest exhibition in Science Gallery is Memory Lab:

MEMORY LAB, a month-long LAB IN THE GALLERY experience at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, invites the public to take part in a range of real, scientific experiments into how we remember or why we forget. Be prepared for a barrage of information you will have to recall including numbers, letters, faces and even smells!

I went along on the opening weekend and tried out the 'Head Like a Sieve?' experiment. I do a lot of work with numbers so I was pleased to find I did quite well at it - I think! There's a wide range of experiments to test various forms of memory, so I'm planning to go back and try more of them. (And if you're there on a Friday evening, why not try the tapas and sangria deal Science Gallery offers for just €7.50? Science is more fun when you've been drinking!)

As well as being entertaining, there's also a more serious intention behind the exhibition. The experiments are anonymous but the data will be collated at the end of the exhibition to look for correlations with personal atttributes such as education and health - volunteers taking the experiments fill out a consent form in advance. If you take part you'll also receive a number so that you can look up your results on-line later on (when the project finishes).

I enjoyed this and I'll be back for more. Worth a visit.


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