Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Port House restaurant

I'm a pretty generous reviewer, perhaps too generous. Whether it's restaurants, plays or exhibitions, I aim to find things I like, so most of the time I have the luxury of writing quite positive reviews. The Port House on South William Street is going to be an exception. I've had many enjoyable meals in the Port House's sister restaurant, Bar Pintxo's in Temple Bar, so I expected to be impressed by the Port House - but I wasn't.

The Menu Rapido sounds like a great deal: two tapas and a glass of wine for €10. "15 minutes or it's free!", says the menu.

The food was good. The wine was OK. The waiter was friendly. However a lunch menu called "Rapido" implies a certain... swiftness, rapidity, lack of wasting my time. I sat down outside; several minutes later there had been no sign of a waiter or waitress. I wandered inside and was told someone would be right out. More waiting. I went in again to ensure the staff still knew I was outside. More waiting. After I ordered I made sure to time how long it would take for food to arrive - it was just barely inside the 15 minutes. Getting a bill was also slow. In total from arrival to leaving I was at the restaurant for almost an hour.

Oh, and some of the items on the menu weren't available.

This is a nice restaurant, but its competitors in the "SoGo" area have many cheap, fast lunch offers. Pick up the pace, Port House.

Dine in Dublin week returns starting on 21st March 2011... but the Port House isn't part of it.


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