Friday, March 25, 2011

Lighthouse Cinema: an appreciation

Like many people, I was surprised to hear this week that the Lighthouse cinema in Smithfield is in trouble and may have to close.  A massive rent increase is the culprit, in a contract clearly designed in different economic times.  At first, I was horrified, then outraged, and then I thought about reasons why.  Some articles said the cinema was out of the way: but there's a solid base of young professionals living in the area.  Sure, it's out of the way for me, but I live in Swords.  I've made the effort to get there but not as often as I'd like.  It consistently shows top quality foreign arthouse and indie movies.  It could do more to promote itself.  I recently thought of buying someone a "friends of the Lighthouse" type birthday gift, only to find they didn't have one (though apparently are setting one up).  The space is beautifully designed, and it can be rented out for other functions.  It's mercifully devoid of mashed-in popcorn and hoards of kids.  Inevitably, someone has already set up a "Save the Lighthouse" facebook page (you can insert a rant here about how people who aren't on facebook can't 'like' this, even if we want to and how I can't even look at the page without a login).  Anyway, since the space is designed as a cinema, surely the landlord would rather get some rent than none if they close.

Lighthouse: all my fingers are crossed for you and I look forward to many more visits.


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