Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Earlier this evening I saw the opening show of the THEATRE MACHINE. (Yes, it's in uppercase.) A Sonnet for Dark Love was a dance piece by Ruari Donovan, and quite daringly for an opening act he's not an experienced dancer. Five minutes in I started to wonder if the concept was that the dancers would literally remain motionless for the entire thirty minutes of the show; and while I'd have admired them for such nerve, in fact it was just a slow build up to a much faster tempo. The theatre was packed - I'd heard tickets were selling fast, and it appears to be true.

There are four slots each night. There's a musical motif to this design. The first slot, 'Demotapes', is for very new works. In the case of Hawk/Hare it really is a demo: it's an extract from a larger work. The Demotapes start at 18:00 and run for thirty minutes. At €6 a pop, this is a bargain.

The second slot is called 'New Releases' and aims to show performances that wouldn't normally be seen in Dublin. Starting at 19:00, these shows run for 45 minutes. The price per show is €10.

Then there's 'Long Play' / LPS and as the name implies these are one hour plays, starting at 20:30 each evening. These are typically from more experienced companies. This is the most pricey slot, at €12.

At 22:00 there's the final slot, EPS. These half hour shows are by experienced performers working outside their normal field. Price: €10.

Speaking of price, you can get a ticket to see all four shows on a night for only €22. I reckon if there were a few of you this would be a great laugh, because there'll be a good variety of shows and a bit of time in between the performances to chill out and enjoy the (very nice) bar. Oh, and the sponsors are Absolut Vodka, which is fitting really given that the plays are similarly short and punchy.

Right so: I'm off to see tonight's EPS, Where do I start?. It'll be on again tomorrow evening.


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