Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fry's Model Railway

I've just heard that Fry's Model Railway, housed in Malahide Castle, has been permanently closed to the public. What I read says it will close this month but when I rang their number, there was a very out of date message saying they were closed for the 2010 season and would re-open on 1st April 2011, which I presume is now not happening.  I feel terribly sad that this has closed, it's never been well-publicised but every child in Malahide sees it and loves it.  Apparently, Dublin Tourism are going to scout around for another place to house it.  Here's a youtube clip of it.


  1. This is really sad! This and the doll's houses are the only real reason to visit Malahide Castle

  2. I know two little boys who are going to be very upset when they learn this news! Where's it going to go??? PLease let us know?