Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This might be the best thing to happen for online promotion of Ireland's culture in... well, ever: the newly launched website and accompanying iPhone app. Go have a look.

Although I've no doubt that the funding for this was prompted by its potential to boost tourism, my personal interest in it is that it's a wonderful "must see" list of artistic and cultural venues in Dublin. Other institutions will be keen to join, and because the site already has such a strong list of respected cultural organisations involved it has a credibility that could snowball. Have a look not only at the section about the venues but also the events: it's possible this site could become an important source of information about current and upcoming cultural events in Dublin. This is the web at its best, curated and yet giving the institutions involved the chance to speak directly to their potential audience.

I've been to most of the venues listed, but not all. I hope to fix that over the coming weeks and months. Well done to everyone involve.

Note: despite the similar names, and are not in any way affiliated.


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