Saturday, January 1, 2011

Theatre in January

In the Gate Theatre, Alan Stanford's adaptation of Jane Eyre continues until 29th January. Reviews have been positive, despite Andrea Corr being considerably older than the character as written in the original novel.

The Abbey's production of Dion Boucicault's Arrah-na-Pogue continues on into February. Unashamedly melodramatic but strongly recommended. And later in the month, from the 25th, As You Are Now So Once Were We begins. The play won the Best Production award at last year's Absolut Fringe Festival.

The always excellent Project Arts Centre has two new plays for you to enjoy this month. Celebrity runs from 11th to 29th January and "delves into a world of glossy magazines and media to uncover a love story for the social media generation". On 13th and 14th January the second play of the month runs: Void Story by Forced Entertainment, a Sheffield-based theatre company. While neither of the plays' descriptions scream out to me as "must see" events, Project Arts has a knack for choosing good plays, so I expect they'll be worth seeing.

Despite their woefully unhelpful website, I'm pleased to say that Smock Alley also have a new production about to start. I previously reviewed Gulliver's Travels when it started in Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray. From 3rd to 22nd January it's due to run in Smock Alley. It's a family-friendly play and although it's slightly slow at times in the first act I enjoyed it. (The second act is excellent.)

While we're on the subject of family-friendly performances, Aladdin runs until 30th January in the Gaiety and Jack and the Beanstalk is on in the Helix in DCU until 16th January. I haven't seen these so I won't comment.

The Field opens on 13th January in the Olympia. Brian Dennehy plays 'The Bull' McCabe in this classic Irish tale about "the land".

I'll finish with a plug for my favourite drama group, the always friendly No Drama Theatre. If you're looking for cheap, enjoyable fun you should go along to one of their Tuesday evening workshops. (See the website link for details.)


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