Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brunch in Juno's Cafe

One of the best things about weekends is brunch. Fact.

Knowing my love of Sunday brunch, someone told me recently about Juno's Cafe, a restaurant-cafe close to the Phoenix Park. Juno's serves its brunch menu from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

I ordered an orange juice while I looked over the menu. It was passable but nothing special. Fortunately my main order, the fishcake, was delicious. I was left wanting more - and I mean that as both a compliment and a criticism. Very tasty, but perhaps not quite enough of it.

Coffee is provided by Ariosa. I tried the decaf, as I've frequently had the decaf sold by Ariosa themselves at their stall at the Temple Bar Food Market and I know it's good. Juno's made good use of the quality coffee beans and produced a nice coffee with that all-important acidic zing. Not all cafes and restaurants that use Ariosa manage to serve good coffee, so I was impressed.

The interior of the cafe is bright and pleasant thanks to a large skylight window. That's a major plus for the dedicated bruncher - sometimes it's nice to read a Sunday paper while brunching, and that benefits from good natural light.

The proximity of the Phoenix Park is another bonus. Juno's is on Parkgate Street - the city side of the park - and is only a very short walk from the park.

Service was quick and polite and prices were reasonable.

Overall impression: I liked Juno's and I'll be back.


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