Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas scenes

I was in town today, along with hoards of shoppers.  Here's a selection of Christmas windows from the Grafton St side.
 Fox's shop for men (well that's how I always think of it: liquor, tobacco, pen knifes...)
 Barnardo's Furriers - they look warm but who wants to risk PETA's paint throwing activities?
 Brown Thomas' famous Christmas windows.  This year's theme seems to be the Children of Lir and Tir Na nÓg.  Spectacular as always.  People wouldn't get out of the way so the glass features in some of these photos.

 Clarks - I think this is same window display as last Christmas but I still like the concept.
 Interesting present shop in the Royal Hibernian Way - can't remember the name but had some great nic-nacks.
 Hodges Figgis, where it was necessary to buy a present for myself as well as the planned ones for other people!


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