Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas markets

Two Christmas Markets were due to start this weekend: the Docklands Christmas Market and the Dublin Christmas Market in Fitzwilliam Square.

The Docklands market has a variety of stalls, selling food and drink, jewelry, clothes, ormanents and less conventional present options such as "magnetic healing" products. On Friday evening there was a nice atmophere, with live music and the make-your-own-fun of Irish people trying to dance to the music on snow-ice. Today was fairly quiet: not empty of customers but far from bustling.

One of my favourite food stalls was Pieminister:
The Pieminister encourages you to eat more pies.

The Docklands Christmas Market is worth a visit if you're in the area, or are particularly keen on seasonally-appropriate drinks such as eggnog and mulled wine - but despite being somewhat German-themed, it's not as good as Docklands Oktoberfest.

The Christmas Market in Fitzwilliam Square was a disappointment. Due to the weather the setup was delayed and many stalls were either not ready to open, or closed early today (due to a lack of customers?). The layout of the market is also a bit odd: the stalls face outwards towards the edge of the park, rather than forming an inward facing square. The result is that there's a mostly empty open area in the centre of the square. It currently has two small carousels and a tepee. (No, I don't know why there's a tepee at a "Christmas market".) A friendly security guard told me there'll be a Santa's Grotto in the centre once the setup is complete. It'd want to be Santa's Extensive Cavern Complex to fill that much empty space.

Er... where's the Christmas Market?

Oh, there it is, crammed up against the edge of the park. Most of those nice little shop-sheds were closed.

I don't want to be too cynical. This is early days for the market, and perhaps it will surprise me. But really, a Christmas Market unable to open on time because of a little snow? Fail.


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