Monday, December 6, 2010


This article was written before the play's launch. Here's our review.

The Dion Boucicault revival continues, with a new production coming soon to the Abbey Theatre:
"The Abbey Theatre is proud to begin its new season with a rollicking good tale of romance and misadventure in the form of ARRAH-NA-POGUE by DION BOUCICAULT. Director Mikel Murfi brings this play to life, over thirty years since it was first seen on the Abbey stage. Promising to be delightful entertainment for all the family, ARRAH-NA-POGUE opens on Tuesday 21 December (previews from Tuesday 15 December) for a seven week run."

Photo courtesy of the Abbey Theatre.

Boucicault seems to have been very popular in his day, and yet to have been largely forgotten since then, his success overshadowed by the heavy-weights of Irish literature. I guess the "rom-com" genre was no more respected in the 19th century than it is now.

I very much enjoyed The Colleen Bawn earlier this year in Project Arts Centre so I'm looking forward to this production. (Begorrah.)


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