Thursday, November 25, 2010

"You're FFired" - silent protest

This is not a politics blog, but (for better or worse) politics is a part of our culture. Even if were not, even if you don't care in the slightest about politics or economics, you're still affected by it. And right now, the political-economic crisis is unfortunately the story of our time.

Actor Morgan Jones organised a silent demonstration outside the Dail today. Called "You're Fired", it's been heavily discussed on Twitter under the hashtag #youreFFired.

Photos from the demonstration:

Morgan Jones tells the Government they're fired.

It saddens me that the numbers involved were small, only a few dozen. This was such a well-mannered protest; no loud, angry ranting and self-interested demands for this or that interest group to be given special treatment. Perhaps we as a people are still only willing to protest en masse when it involves noisily protecting our own personal interests; and so perhaps our politicians ignore those who protest in a calm and reasonable way not for themselves but for society as a whole.


  1. There's a time for silence and a time for speaking out. I know which one I'm choosing.

    See you on Saturday.

  2. I would have joined but only heard about it after it had happened.
    I think this is a great idea - I've been reluctant to join other protests organised by trade unions/sinn fein etc. as I don't feel the represent my opinion. But I am angry about what's happening in the country and I do want change and to be heard.
    Better advertising of the next round please :)

  3. I saw the silent protest and the silent radio interview with Philip Boucher Hayes and the silent media kerfuffle supplied by KB PR.The silence continued for a whole hour and a half.

  4. > There's a time for silence and a time for speaking out. I know which one I'm choosing.
    Sure if you want to walk behind trade union banners and have your opinion co-opted / misrepresented.

  5. please advertise when organising another silent protest - it would be wonderful to see hundreds of people silently walking towards Leinster ouse and then just standing in front of it holding up their placards - I believe this is a powerful way of protesting. !

  6. Thanks for the comments - if I hear about another silent protest I'll post about it in advance.

  7. I commented but it obviously didn't work. The site did some shuddering when I clicked "submit". Anyway, I'm trying again.
    I think your excellent site is departing from the culture theme. You should start a separate protests blog.