Thursday, November 4, 2010

Theatre: Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters is a play based on the Terry Pratchett novel of the same name, as adapted by Stephen Briggs, and is being produced and performed by No Drama Theatre.

I have to admit straight out that I'm entirely biased. No Drama is an amateur drama group and the people involved are just plain lovely. I've been along to their regular workshops twice and I'm sure that having met them before enhanced my enjoyment of the show.

And I certainly did enjoy it. Maybe it was the atmosphere - the opening night was sold out and there was a real excitement to the crowd. Or perhaps it was the play itself, which moves along at a nice pace, particularly in the second act. Whatever the reason, every few minutes I'd realise I was grinning like an idiot.

By far the most surprising and impressive aspect of the production was the casting. Wow. All bias (and liking pretty actresses) aside, the casting was superb, matching or exceeding many professional productions. Getting the right look for the three witches was essential to the play. Ann Hogan was perfect for the Granny Weatherwax role - stern, austere, not to be challenged. Ellen Hallinan was similarly spot on as Magrat Garlick and Maria Dillon has the soft, friendly facial features to play Nanny Ogg (although it has to be said that she is too young for the role). Rachel Byrne, as Lady Felmet, was also an excellent choice. I don't have any mental image of the character Tomjon from the book, so I don't know if Joe Kearney looks right for the part, but he was hilarous.

Maybe I'm a big softie or just enjoyed the whiskey in the bar, but I particularly liked that the members of the drama group who weren't on stage were very actively involved in a variety of ways, from selling tickets to handling lighting and stage preparation. As a group they have a great attitude.

One area where the production didn't match a professional production was the size of the stage. It was a little cramped, squeezing the characters together and restricting them slightly. (The cast is large and at times there's a lot happening on stage.) Fortunately this was handled well and didn't interfere with the story.

Wyrd Sisters runs in the Teachers' Club on Parnell Square up to and including Saturday 6th November. As I said, I'm biased, but it really is great fun and well worth seeing.

The tickets being sold on-line for Wyrd Sisters are now sold out for all nights of the production. However a limited number of tickets will be available on the door each night. The play starts at 7:30 pm so arrive early to ensure you get a ticket.

PS Sir Terry Pratchett is in Dublin this week and dropped by to say hi to the cast and crew. Nice one, Mr Pratchett.

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  1. I love Pratchett and this sounds like a lovely production of Wyrd Sisters. Unfortunately the dates just don't work for me but I will keep an eye out for No Drama productions in the future.