Friday, November 26, 2010

Richard Hearns

Richard Hearns is an up and coming North County Dublin artist.  I attended the opening of his current exhibition "Like a River Flows" in Fingal County Council's offices in Swords last night.  The mayor of Fingal did the honours.  The work is quite diverse, mostly still life; he obviously has talent.  Personally, I think he needs to settle on a style.  I see elements of Yeats and Roderic O'Conor in his work but other smaller pictures look a little clunky.  I wouldn't be mad about his framing style, which can make or break a painting for me.  The exhibition is free and runs until 16th December.  It's in the lobby of Fingal County Hall, which in itself is a building worth seeing.  Built on the site of Swords town park, it was controversial but I like it.  The lobby is all glass with exposed steelwork and has lovely light, even at night.


  1. Thanks Claire. Enjoyed reading your comments and observations on the show. Will take your feedback on board.

    The main concept in this show 'Like a River Flows' was to show a diverse range of my Works in an non - commercial setting ie. the County Hall. The County Council purchased five pieces of my Work for their Municipal collection in 2008 and soon after offered me the oppertunity to exhibit my Work.

    Being 30 years of age I feel uninterested in relying on a continious style or motif in my Work but would rather develop several -"Like a River Flows. Surprised by the path of its own unfolding".

    I feel by working this way I will really learn to master application and vision. You know if you look at say the work and output of Picasso from month to month you would think you were looking at several artists explorations.

    For years I drew solitary hooded figures - as I travled more the hoods came down and a more transcendant figure emerged.Distant island shapes and earth mounds have also been a recurrent subject in my Work and seem to re - emerge every now and then.

    Wishing you all the very Best with your blog.
    Kindest Rgeards,
    Richard Hearns


  2. Dear Claire,
    Wanted let you know I will be having a solo exhibition of my Paintings in New York City at the end of this month.

    Will be sure to send you a press release on this expo.

    Best Wishes,
    Richard Hearns