Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photos from Defuse Dublin, bringing you the latest in badly edited photos with possibly unhelpful or inaccurate captions. Thing of it as a game - try to match the pictures to the information about the speakers over on the Defuse Dublin website.

A full house in the Sugar Club

Randall Snare can just get lost (and enjoy the experience)

Colm Brophy makes the wise decision to include Sid Meier in his presentation. Frankly, this is an underused presentation technique and I for one would like more Sid Meier-related slides.

Brendan Knowlton make a very good points about paying attention to what's really needed by clients. Big fancy hats.

If I worked for Stalin, I would.

Séamus T. Byrne tells us a story about humans. Personally I think we'd benefit from being a more analytical species, but we are what we are.

Ian Walton & Marcel Twohig

We have a winner! Graphical proposal for Dublin's greatest tourist idea, ever: add a slide to the Spire.

On a side-note, isn't that a lovely shade of blue?

Behavioural economics is discussed by Dr Pete Lunn. Also, doesn't he remind you of Wash from Firefly?

Ants, bees and design: Antonella Sassu

John Wood is a design Nazi.

Ellen Dudley talks about how the internet's ability to make us feel inferior by exposing us to the success of outliers.

Eoghan McCabe talks about the formula for success, which turns out to involve suspiciously easy algebra rather than functions.

Well done to everyone involved and to the sponsors.

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