Monday, November 15, 2010

A Chocolate Christmas in Temple Bar

If you like chocolate, check out A Chocolate Christmas in Temple Bar. The festival runs from Friday 3rd December to Sunday 5th December, featuring a variety of chocolate-themed events. There'll be a chocolate cooking demonstation, a talk about the history of chocolate, outdoor movies, and lots more - many of them free.

Although I don't usually eat much chocolate, I really like the sound of the Co Couture’s Chocolate Connoisseurs Club tasting session:

Taste some of the finest chocolate in the world, learn about its culture and most importantly its flavour. Indulge in some of Co Couture’s creations and cleanse your palate with a glass of champagne.

It'll cost €10 but that includes a goody bag to take away.

Events can be booked from 9 am today, Monday 15th, at, in person at the Temple Bar Cultural Trust building on East Essex Street, or by phone (01 677 2255).


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