Thursday, October 7, 2010

Theatre: The Silver Tassie

Sean O'Casey deserves that bridge to have been named after him. I've just seen The Silver Tassie in the Gaiety and was very impressed; this is every bit as good as The Plough and The Stars.

There's a lot I want to say about this play - and to do it justice will take a little time, so rather than knocking out a quick review now I'm going to write something longer as soon as a I can. Thanks and sorry!

In summary though: Druid Theatre have done a good job with O'Casey's work. The second act - set in the British army in WW1 - is quite odd, and not at all the way other productions of the play have depicted it. (I think at times it lost the attention of the audience.) However the play as a whole is good and final scene is magnificent. You'd have to be very cold-hearted not to be moved by it. Overall, an enjoyable and interesting production, well worth seeing.

The Silver Tassie runs in the Gaiety Theatre as part of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival until Sunday 10th October.

Tickets have sold very well so far for the Dublin Theatre Festival - the crowd gathers outside the Gaiety:


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