Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Rocky Horror Show @ the Grand Canal Theatre

It's astounding....time is fleeting....madness takes its toll.

As someone who took part in the Stella's weekly Rocky Horror tribute during the (gasp) 1990s, I was always going to enjoy my first time seeing it performed live. Dave's going to review the theatre itself so I'm here to review the show, which has now finished its run in Dublin. It seemed to move a breakneck speed through the first half, song after song. Christopher Biggins played the narrator and kept breaking character to laugh at the guy in the audience who was well-versed in his RHS audience participation lines. I was shouting the ones I remembered too. Initially I presumed the guy was a plant, and was a little sad to hear so many people laughing unexpectedly at his lines, which meant they didn't realise it was part of the production. But Biggins lost himself too many times, and I ended up thinking it was someone who used to go to the Stella as well. The set moved very well, with lots of ladders on wheels for people climb and I loved the barbie like box with toy components that Rocky made his appearance in. The actor playing Frank N Furter looked so like Tim Curry that I briefly thought it was him, until I remembered how old he is now. The show is as brash and rude as ever, so I was more than a little surprised to see people had brought actual children to it. Very pleased to report that they did indeed do the Time Warp again at the end. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough room to do it properly while staying in my allocated row.


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