Saturday, October 16, 2010

Restaurant: Crystal Boat

I like Chinese food and, even more so, seafood, so a Chinese restaurant specialising in seafood sounds to me to be a wonderful idea. And it is - a wonderful idea. The reality of Crystal Boat restaurant on Grand Canal Dock is rather less impressive.

Let's start with the positives: the food is tasty and the prices are reasonable, typically in or under €20 for two courses if you're not drinking.

However. There's not much point having a long, complex, varied menu if you can't actually serve everything on it. Lamb is not a rare or obscure food-type: worse, my friend who ordered a lamb-based dish was only told there was no lamb available long after ordering. This wasn't the only lapse in service - even the other main courses took far too long to arrive. And while I accept that it's not essential, I'd have appreciated being able to split the bill.

The restaurant lacks atmosphere and the decor is a little staid.

Conclusion: tasty, reasonably priced food - but the service is poor and there is no ambience.

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