Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Restaurant: 10 Thousand

This restaurant on Upper Abbey Street is an "all you can eat" Asian buffet. At €6.99 you might expect it to be all quantity with no quality, but it's actually pretty tasty. There's even a salad section and lots of plain boiled rice in case you want a healthier meal. The restaurant is also surprisingly spacious and pleasant.

This isn't fine dining but it's damn good value.


  1. has anyone got a number for them

  2. Hi, I've just looked at the original photos I took and... I almost have the number. The sign facing onto the steet is partially obscured - you couldn't see the number even if you were standing right outside the restaurant.

    Anyway it's: 01 ?729656. The "?" is of course the number that's blocked. So just 10 combinations to try!