Monday, October 11, 2010

Open House Sunday: Grangegorman

Grangegorman's participation was in the form of a substantional walking tour. First off, I have to admit I wasn't entirely sure where it was so Mr SatNav assisted. Secondly, it's huge. It's 72 acres! It's also quite derelict and destined to become the campus for (the far flung about the city) DIT. It's hard to believe but this photo shows the remaining side of a massive quadrangle and was both a prison and a mental asylum.This will apparently be a functioning dorm for students sometime this decade! At the height of its use, the hospital had over 2000 patients but today has fewer than 100. The tour, which I had to cut out on after 1.5 hours was given by one of the architects involved in the renovations and a representative of the Grangegorman Development Authority, who both really knew their stuff. We finished off looking at the masterplan and a model of what it will look at in hopefully just a few years time. I could say more but I think the photos speak for themselves and I really hope that they do manage to refurbish this huge section of the city, it's less than 2km from O'Connell St.


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