Friday, October 22, 2010


What's that then?
Gaelcon is the national games convention and it's on in D4 Hotels in Ballsbridge *formerly Jurys* from this evening until Monday evening. It's a singular event, running now for more than 20 years on the October bank holiday weekend. A day ticket will cost €14 or €28 for the whole weekend. Kids go cheaper and their parents can go free. Inside, games cost a nominal amount more.

So what's a games convention?
Well, it's somewhat what it says on the tin. There'll be board games (some you've heard of, some you haven't and some that are in, well, German, which is somehow the language of the coolest boardgames). There'll be war games. That's an extremely fancy, rules-laden version of toy soldiers, with brilliant scenery and elaborately painted figures. There'll be role-play games (or RPGs). You may have heard of Dungeons & Dragons, that's a "famous" RPG. They involve playing a character, in a story that someone is GMing (games master) and rolling dice to decide the actions of your characters. And then there's LARPing (live action role-play, my favourite type to play and write). Dave's going to talk more specifically about the wonder of LARPing because he thinks it's great too. And then there's card games. We don't really talk about them.

So what else will there be at Gaelcon?
Loads. Traders will flog their wares - best place to buy new boardgames or pick up an RPG source book. Saturday night will have a pub quiz, always excellent fun. Sunday night will feature the annual charity auction - a chance to pick up gaming related ephemera. Prices have traditionally gone sky high and I remember one year (Celtic Tiger RIP) where well over €20,000 was raised. Charities featured usually have some emphasis on kids and helping them to have fun. There'll also be a lot of mapcap activity going on in D4 over the whole weekend that I can't even imagine yet.

Come down, see what you think, what's the worst that could happen? You'll probably have a fantastic time.


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