Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dublin Theatre Festival

The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival is off to a great start so far, with shows selling out quickly. Earlier this evening I saw the highly-praised Circa. It deserves all the great reviews. Unfortunately this was the last day for the show.

I missed The Smile Off Your Face - there was just a single audience-member per showing, so tickets were like gold dust. Fortunately there are two other shows by the same company, Ontroerend Goed, the next one being the slightly terrifying Internal, in which the five audience members talk to the cast in a sort of speed-dating-meets-group-therapy format. (Any readers familiar with Irish-style LARPs may at this point feel a little smug: "We did this sort of thing years ago!" But it's still a good concept and I'm pleased it's been included.)

Photo courtesy of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival

I'm also looking forward to The Silver Tassie, the Sean O'Casey play in the Gaiety.

The Silver Tassie
Photo by Robert Day, courtesy of Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival

And don't forget, if you get a ticket for any show in the festival you can get special offers in a wide range of excellent restaurants as part of the "festival feeds" promotion. "Just mention Festival Feeds when booking to avail of this special offer", says the festival website.


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