Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Collector's Eye

The real skill with photography is, I think, not technical ability but shot selection*. A fascinating aspect of the latest collection on display in the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar is that the photos come not from a professional photographer but from a professional collector: if you have a sufficiently expert eye for good photos, I suppose you can skip right past the bother of actually taking pictures and simply find the very best of others' works.

And have no doubt about it: Sean Sexton has put together a superb and varied collection. The photos are interesting (and sometimes a little gruesome) in their own right but are also informative about the development of photography. The exhibition has been enhanced by the well-written text accompanying the photos to provide context - good job, curators.

Unknown Labourer, c. 1858, (c) Sean Sexton Collection

I wasn't too keen on the previous exhibition in the Gallery of Photography, but The Collector's Eye is excellent.

The exhibition is open up to and including 21st November 2010.

*I make no claim to either skill!


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