Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee: Coffee Angel

Ireland has been blessed in recent years with the arrival of a strong "barista culture". There are now some real experts out there with the knowledge and the business acumen to successfully turn their enthusiasm into, well, delicious high-quality coffee. (I should point out that I'm very far from being such an expert and know little about the actual preparation of coffee - I'm one of those lazy Celtic Tiger idiots who always buys good coffee instead of making it.)

One such enterprise is the wonderful Coffee Angel. They have three stalls along the quays - north of the Sean O'Casey Bridge; nearby to the new Convention Centre; and one on the south side at Sir John Rogerson's Quay. There's also a Coffee Angel service in MYO on Mayor Street in the IFSC.

The coffee quality is very high. It's relatively freshly roasted, and freshly ground; there's a clear, sweet, distinctive aroma from the coffee. The coffee range isn't quite as fancy and sophisticated as in Third Floor Espresso but that's fine - Coffee Angel provides a superb "classic cup" coffee.

Conclusion: One of the best coffee vendors in the city. Strongly recommended.

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