Monday, October 11, 2010

11 North Great Georges Street

This was my last tour of Open House Dublin 2010 and it was quite memorable. It was billed as private house and the tour was conducted by John Aboud, one of the owners. The house is available as an event venue and so they were happy enough for us to take photos. We started in the basement, which apparently hosted a performance of Macbeth recently! The house is full of reclaimed masonry, which the owners salvaged out of skips in the 70s and 80s. It has eclectic decoration, some of it period, some of it modern but it was all interesting. One room featured an enormous doll collection, which I have to admit was a little creepy. The ceiling of that room was a multi-coloured Rococo vision.I was really surprised at the size of the garden, which also has a mews building at the back. When the house was built, it faced only one other large house on the street, which was built piecemeal and gives the whole street a very singular look, compared to the homogenised buildings of our Georgian squares. It was weird to see the back of those houses.I'd go to a function in it but given the age and style, people in wheelchairs couldn't. One criticism: it was a pre-book event but they didn't appear to be ticking off names and there were far too many people at it. The owner commented that they had 55 people on the tour.

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  1. Thanks for this post Claire, I wanted to see this place but they only ran the tour on Sunday and I didn't make it out of the house that day!