Sunday, September 19, 2010

Theatre: The Cappuccino Culture

The Cappuccino Culture previews this evening, and opens night tomorrow:

"What happens when you get Irish, Spanish, Korean, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Iranian, and French people together? Do they talk about the weather? Play pub games? The Cappuccino Culture is a playful exploration of identity, language and the meaning of home, embedded in the multicultural landscape of contemporary Dublin. Using the experiences and languages of performers and audiences, this ever-changing game ensures the show is different every night - mixing tonnes of energy with some really good fun."

I approve. More coffee-themed theatre please!

Venue: The Boys' School @ SmockAlley
Time: 8:45 pm (duration 75 mins)
Dates: 20th - 25th September 2010
Tickets: €13/10


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