Monday, September 20, 2010

Theatre: The Cappuccino Culture - review

Most theatrical productions don't start with audience members being handed small cups of sangria on the way in. They don't split the audience into two teams, or have members of the cast wandering around before the play begins, handing out snacks and explaining how the play with work. They certainly don't have audience participation, or actors who (for the most part) play themselves. The Cappuccino Culture is perfect for the Absolut Fringe festival - a highly distinctive and original performance made of 100% pure premium grade-A fun.

The show is about Dublin and Dubliners, and is structured as a gameshow-meets-variety-show. The cast are very multicultural - some are Dubliners born and bred, others are much more recent arrivals. There are questions about the city mixed in with singing and dancing and biographical monologues. (Don't fear, "monologue" doesn't mean boring.) I particularly enjoyed the 'taboo' and charades rounds: the audience had to guess the country being referred to.

This is a very fun, very clever, very original show. Go see it.

Rating: *****

Venue: The Boys' School @ SmockAlley
Time: 8:45 pm (duration 75 mins)
Dates: 20th - 25th September 2010
Tickets: €13/10


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