Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oktoberfest Dublin 2010 - einfach klasse!

Oktoberfest Dublin has begun! I enjoyed last year's festival so I headed straight down to Docklands today to check out this year's event. It looks quite similar, except that the beer - all of the beer - is provided by Erdinger instead of Paulaner. Fine by me, actually, as I quite like Erdinger.

There's the same range of delicious Bavarian food. Vegetarians beware: many innocent pigs died in the making of this cuisine. As well as pork and chicken there's the usual mix of potatoes, sauerkraut and a few non-traditional foods.

The Erdinger beers include lager, Kristal (clear beer), Dunkel (dark beer - very nice), and non-alcoholic (one of the best of its types). There's a €5-€10 refundable deposit on glass beer-mugs. Prosecco and other wines are available, as are various non-alcoholic beverages.

The set-up consists of a variety of food and drink stalls dotted aroung the venue, with tables and seating provided both outdoors and in a large tent. Also in the tent is a stage from which delightfully tacky German folk music will be played. With a few beers in you it'll sound great.

As the tent can get very busy, it's possible to book a table for 10 in advance. It costs €150 and you'll get 10 1-Litre Steins of beer*. (Yummy.) It's also possible just to turn up and hope for the best - but I'd suggest you get there early in the evening if that's your plan.

*The word "Stein" isn't normally used this way in Germany. It literally mean "stone" because once upon a time that's what beer-mugs were made from.

Oktoberfest Dublin runs until 10th October, from mid-day to 12:30 am each day except on Sundays, when it finishes at 8:00 pm.

Oktoberfest Dublin overview

Update: a reader has told me that there are at least two other Erdingers available: an Oktoberfest brew and "Winterbrau". Toll! And try to get to the festival before 6 pm - the later you arrive, the longer the queue.

Note: I've seen a few Google searches about wheelchair access. I don't know for sure that the venue is OK - if there are suitable toilets for example - but the entry-way to the festival is a fairly gentle slope, not a set of stairs.

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