Sunday, September 5, 2010

Miscellaneous - coffee, food and drink

I've been very bad about missing my usual routine of posting once a week about coffee. I haven't been to Coffee Angel enough yet to evaluate it properly - first impressions are good.

And on the subject of coffee: I've been to Third Floor Espresso (3fe) on Middle Abbey Street a few times recently. 3fe has a reputation for serving the best coffee in the city, although "best" is a problematic word in matters of taste, particularly once we move away from the tradional "classic cup" coffee taste. There's no doubting though that the coffee is superb.

While in 3fe I started reading one of the books left there for the benefit of the customers. Cognac - A Liquid History tells the story of the drink, and a very passionately written history it is. The author clearly loves his subject; I'll read more when I return.

I decided to have cognac later that evening, a Hennessy on the rocks, in Chameleon Indonesian Restaurant in Temple Bar. I've heard very varied opinions about Chameleon, and I'm not surprised. The menu design consists mainly of set menus made up of several small dishes. These vary greatly in style and taste. Get the right mix and you'll love the place, but there's a good chance you'll find at least one or two dishes not entirely to your liking. Perhaps it would be better to visit Chameleon as part of a group than on your own - if you don't like something, someone else might.


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