Monday, September 13, 2010


I've just seen Jerk in Project Arts Centre. Wow, that was... different. If you're looking for a show with puppet-on-puppet sexual violence, this is the the show for you.

It's rare to see members of the audience stand up and walk out; three people left during the performance I was at. This is unlike any other show I've seen, and I alternated between being impressed and wondering why anyone would pay to see this play. It was disgusting and fascinating.

It seems almost unimportant compared to the pervasive obscenity, but I should mention that the ventriloquism towards the end of the play was excellent, very interesting to see (or, well, not see) in its own right.

The final showing is tomorrow (Tuesday 14th September) at 9:30 pm. It's listed as sold out, but you might pick up a no-show ticket.

In giving this marks out of five, I have to split this in two.
Enjoyment: **
Novelty: *****


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