Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gallery of Photography: Close to Home

I dropped by the Gallery of Photography on Meeting House Square over the weekend to see their new exhibition, 'Close to Home' by Stephen Ahern (the winner of the Gallery’s Artist Award for 2010).

Says Stephen: "I’m interested in the difference between looking at something and looking at a colour photograph of that same thing, whether it’s something I’m seeing for the first time or a scene I’ve encountered everyday for years. Rather than seek out the unusual, I want to make pictures of my own environment, wherever that may be."

To someone such as myself with a relatively limited experience of photo-exhibitions, visual impact and the spectacular are more engaging than subtlety. As such I didn't like this exhibition as much as (for example) The Gift, the Gallery's previous exhibition. Perhaps more expert gallery-goers, tired of photographs based on the unusual and the striking, might find Ahern's works refreshing.


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